Dev 401 certification questions: General questions

1.Which action is NOT necessary when using the declarative capabilities of the platform to build custom applications?

  • A. Build a data model
  • B. Write SQL queries to create reports
  • C. Configure an application server
  • D. compile code

pretty simple question, by the meaning of declarative capabilities (Point-and-Click App Building) the correct answer is A. About point-and-click development on you can read here.

2. Which API can be used to create the data model

  • A. Metadata API
  • B. Single Sign-on API
  • C. AJAX toolkit for
  • D. API

Official documentation says the following

Use Metadata API to retrieve, deploy, create, update or delete customization information, such as custom object definitions and page layouts, for your organization. This API is intended for managing customizations and for building tools that can manage the metadata model

As you understand the “metadata model” in this quote equals to “data model” in question. Using the Metadata API you can create a custom objects, manage a standard objects as well as custom objects, manage other things which are “data model”. Therefore correct answer is A.

In addition you can read “Which API Should I Use” article.

3. Which capability does building an application on the platform provide?

Choose 3 answers

  • A. The ability to have applications upgraded without losing customizations
  • B. The ability to build applications with clicks not code
  • C. The ability to run reports on configuration changes
  • D. The ability to internationalize and localize applications

There are we have 3 correct answers and one incorrect and the simplest way is find a incorrect. By the quick search you can find that the answer C is not correct, therefore A,B,D are correct answers.