Setting up Mavensmate to works together with Eclipse project

Mavensmate is a great development tool which makes salesforce developer lives much easier, but from time to time working with plugin for Eclipse ( IDE) can be more convenient. I see the following pros and cons for Mavensmate and IDE

Mavensmate Pros:

  1. Speed. Yeah, mavensmate is very fast.
  2. A great set of plugins which is available for Sublime Text
  3. Many great things like code folding, bookmarks, etc. which provided out of box for Sublime Text, but are unavailable in IDE.
  4. Mavensmate stores your apex-scripts which were run anonymously

Mavensmate Cons:

  1. Sometimes this tool has a trouble during saving to server when it shows a diff dialog although conflict doesn’t exist
  2. Working with some type of resources is more comfortable in IDE IDE Pros:

  1. Eclipse is a "true IDE" when Sublime Text is more a text editor with a few IDE features
  2. Has handy synchronization/comparison tool
  3. Has good integration with Apache Ant and Jenkins CI IDE Cons:

  1. Usually a new release comes 3 times per year with releases. Thus a new features come only 3 times per year. (for now IDE became open source and might be it’ll speed up a feature development and releases)
  2. Might be pretty slow and usually it’s slow, very very slow
  3. Has no hot-key for saving to server. OMG

Thus it might be very handful if we can use single workspace for both IDE. Here is the step by step instruction which shows you how to configure such workspace.

1. Setup Eclipse project. That’s simple task I guess. Let’s say you have the following project structure. It’s very typical structure and I guess that you will have pretty similar project. IDE project structure

2. Download a configs which were copied from another mavensmate project. Copy these files in the locations which showed on screenshot below. As you can see you have to copy 4 files to config directory (which you have to create) and 3 files to the project root directory (these files should have the same name as a project).


3. After that open config/.settings and enter a needed parameters

Mavensmate settings

workspace and project_name should be the same as Eclipse workspace and project name.

When you completed these changes you can open Sublime Text and go to Mavensmate menu and open the project.

Mavensmate open project

4. Now open MavensMate menu again and select Project → Edit Project. Update credentials and click “Done”.

MavensMate project created5. Reset the metadata container

Mavensmate - reset metadata container

Now your project is ready to work. Good coding!

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