Mavensmate + Welkin Suite IDE common workspace

All you know that Salesforce development environment is not the best in the world. You know that one tool can work much better with some feature that others when another one can do some other stuff in the best way. So, which tool to choose for an everyday work is a good question. Some oldschool folks choose IDE when others can do the best with Mavensmate, Welkin Suite or even Developer Console. For a few years Mavensmate was my favorite IDE. But a few months ago I found Welkin Suite as pretty cool tool. So, I decided to merge Mavensmate and Welkin workspaces in order to work within just one workspace.

First I created a Welkin Suite project because it has more complex structure.

Than I just added a project into Sublime Text and run new project wizard for Mavensmate. But when I entered a credentials I got this error:

It’s a very common case when you trying to create a new project from existing sources. To fix that we need to copy any existing mavensmate config into our project.

As you can see here are a few files, but we do not need all of them. Only one we heed is .settings. All other files should be removed. In other words you need to copy a config folder with template of .settings file.

Here’s the template

    "username": "you_username",
    "environment": "production",
    "project_name": "project_name_in_workspace",
    "workspace": "your_workspace",
    "org_url": "",
    "namespace": "",
    "id": "",
    "metadata_container": "",
    "subscription": [

After that you have to reset Metadata Container

This operation will forward you to Edit project page where you have to enter password + security token

After adding credentials you will see the following message

Your metadata container will be created and all needed configuration files will be here

That’s all. You can code in Mavensmate and Welkin Suite in the same workspace. That’s very-very cool!

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