How to login into Salesforce when you lost access to code generator app

A few weeks ago my phone was totally destroyed and I lost an ability to login into Salesforce because I used two-factory authentication. It was on weekend, by this reason I won’t to ping my colleagues and ask for help. It also might be a case if you a single system administrator in org.

Most services who provide 2fa also allow some additional mechanism to obtain the control back. Usually it’s a secret codes which you should store during setup, a phone number for sms validation. But I didn’t find any mechanism which allows me to get control back.

But I noticed that my IDE (Illuminated Cloud) is still working fine and I know that it has a menu to show Salesforce setup.

And yes, it opened SF setup in browser. It allows me to easily reset my 2fa setting via setup. You just need to disconnect current application and connect new one.

Actually you can use any desktop application which allows to open salesforce records from within its UI. I tested this approach on SoqlXplorer and it also works fine.

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